Ride to School Day Friday 23 March 2012

Friday 23rd March is National Ride to School Day. If you have children encourage them to travel to school through active travel. Fawkner is safer than many other suburbs for cycling to school with no major through roads and lots of quiet residential streets. If your driving to work tomorrow, please take care, as always, of children journeying to and from school by walking, cycling, scooting or skating.

Here is some information from Bicycle Victoria. Visit the Bicycle Victoria Ride to School website to register:

National Ride to School Day 2012

More than 200,000 primary and secondary students will take to the streets across Australia tomorrow using bikes, scooters, skateboards or simply walking as part of National Ride2School Day. The annual event is Australia’s largest celebration of an active journey to and from school.

At many schools, 100% of students will arrive under their own steam and then take part in a host of school-based festivities including parades, breakfasts and community rides.

“Studies show that children who are involved in sport and recreation at a young age have a greater ability to concentrate at school, are more confident, independent and are more likely to continue being active well into their adult years,” Minister for Sport and Recreation Hugh Delahunty said.

Ride2School Program Manager, Kelly Pearson, said: “We know children love the experience of riding to school and this is their day to get on their bikes and leave their parent’s car behind.”

“National Ride2School Day is a great opportunity for students and their school communities to get a taste of how fun and easy riding or walking to school can be and then look to schools to adopt the behavior longer term.

“Health authorities say children need a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day and riding, scooting, skating or walking to and from school is an easy way to achieve this,” Miss Pearson said.

Many schools participating in tomorrow’s National Ride2School Day have joined the Ride2School program to build ongoing active travel behaviours in their student populations.

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