Friends of Merri Creek 2nd bird survey for 2012

Sacred Kingfisher seen on a bird survey at Merri Creek in Fawkner

A great way to explore Bababi Djinanang (Jukes Rd Grasslands) and the birdlife in this area of Merri Creek is to attend the Bird survey.

The bird survey allows researchers to track the changes in bird populations from season to season in this major urban wildlife corridor. Your participation in helping to spot and identify birds as part of this survey contributes to the growing database on wildlife population changes affected by land use changes and a changing climate.

Where: Meet on Merri Path at end of Jukes Rd, Fawkner (Melway 18 A2).
When: 8.45-10.30am Sunday May 20, 2012
More Information: Phone Ann from Friends of Merri Creek on 0429 386 102.

The bird survey is held at nine sites along Merri Creek which includes:

  • Bababi Djinanang (Jukes Rd Grasslands): Meet on Merri Path at end of Jukes Rd, Fawkner (Melway 18 A2).
  • Egan Reserve – Normanby Ave: Meet at bluestone steps at end of The Grove, East Coburg (Melway 30 A3).
  • Coburg Lake Reserve: Meet near the car park, Lake Grove Coburg (17 H10).
    Edwardes Lake: Meet at the playground adjacent to Griffiths St, Reservoir (Melway 18 E5).
  • CERES – Moreland Rd: Meet at the seats on the path at rear of CERES, East Brunswick (Melway 30 B7).
  • Merri Park – Phillips Reserve: Meet at end of Victoria St, East Brunswick, at BBQ shelter (Melway 30 B8).
  • Hall Reserve – Yarra Bend Park: Meet at the Rotunda, Hall Reserve, Clifton Hill (Melway 2D D1).
  • Galgi Ngaark (Craigieburn Grasslands): Meet at O’Herns Rd gate off Hume Hwy, Somerton (Melway 180 E6).
  • Galada Tamboore: Meet at the end of Hatty Court, Campbellfield (Melway 7 K6).

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