Moreland Council gets a shakeup in 2012 election results

Congratulations to the successful candidates elected to Moreland Council from North East Ward: Micheal Teti (ALP member), Lenka Thompson (Greens), Rob Thompson (Liberal Party Independent), and Sue Bolton (Socialist Alliance). They reflect the diversity of our community and will represent us in the (hopefully) good governance of our local city council.

Significantly, three of these candidates – Sue Bolton, Lenka Thompson and Rob Thompson – responded to a questionnaire on sustainability and environmental issues sent to candidates by Sustainable Fawkner. I phoned to chase up a response from Michael Teti and left a message. He returned my phone call, but did not submit any written response to the survey.

Several hundred people visited this article prior to the election and I have no doubt the information on the page helped people decide who to vote for to represent them on council. I can’t understand candidates not wanting to respond to such a survey by a local community group to outline their positions to electors.

ALP members Stella Kariofyllidis and Anthony Helou, who have represented north east ward on successive terms were unsuccessful.

Moreland Council Election Results

The election results for Moreland City Council were published today on the Victorian Election Commission website.

In South Ward which covers most of Brunswick 3 councillors were elected: incumbent Cr Lambros Tapinos (ALP), Green Samantha Ratnam and Meghan Hopper (ALP)

In North West Ward which covers west Coburg, Pacsoe Vale and Glenroy 4 councillors were elected: incumbent Oscar Yildiz (ALP), current mayor John Kavanagh (DLP), independent Helen Davidson and Lita Gillies (ALP). Greens Candidate Mark Riley narrowly missed election being overtaken on preferences by Lita Gillies.

In North East Ward which covers Coburg and Fawkner four positions were elected: incumbent Lenka Thompson (greens), current deputy mayor Michael Teti (ALP), Sue Bolton (Socialist Alliance) and Liberal Party independent Rob Thompson. The election of Sue Bolton was unexpected, as she polled 9.5% in primary votes and secured the top spot after preferences were allocated.

With 24 candidates standing for 4 positions in north east ward many people were obviously very frustrated with an informal vote of 21.54%. In North West ward where 17 candidates were standing the informal vote was 15.42%. South Ward where only 8 candidates were on the ballot paper resulted in an 8.65% informal vote.

Women Councillors now a majority

A significant statistic from the election is that there are now 6 women councillors – a majority on Council.

According to the numbers, the Labor Party councillors look to have lost majority control for the first time since Moreland City Council was established after the council amalgamation in 1994.

  • ALP – 5 Councillors – Tapinos, Hopper, Yildiz, Gillies, Teti
  • Greens – 2 Councillors – Ratnam and Thompson
  • DLP – 1 Councillor – Kavanagh
  • Socialist Alliance – 1 Councillor – Bolton
  • Liberal Independent – 1 Councillor – Thompson
  • Independent – 1 Councillor – Davidson

Although there are political differences between councillors we hope they will all robustly debate local issues openly and co-operate in the management and good governance of our local council to serve the ratepayers and electors diligently.

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