Secure Bike Parking at Fawkner Station but Gowrie Station still needs to be zone 1

Secure Bicycle parking at Fawkner Station installed

Secure Bicycle parking at Fawkner Station installed

Fawkner Station now has a secure bike cage for those who choose to cycle to the station and take the train. The parkiteer security bike parking cage was launched by Moreland Mayor Oscar Yildiz, State Transport Minister Terry Mulder, and Christine Campbell MP for Pascoe Vale on July 1st.

Cr Oscar Yildiz said in the council media release “Moreland residents love their bikes and now they can travel to Fawkner station and have peace of mind that their bike will be secure and undercover,” Cr Yildiz said. “This is a brilliant example of a joint government initiative that will make people’s life easier and more sustainable in their daily commute.”

This secure bike cage is the second to be installed at a station in Moreland. Coburg Station was the first in April 2013. It is the 67th bike cage on the suburban public transport network. These bike cages don’t come cheap. This one cost $100,000, with the cost shared equally by Moreland Council and the State Government.

“Thousands of people use Fawkner Station every week and we recognise the importance of providing a range of ways for people to get to the station – whether that be by car, bus, or bicycle,” Transport Minister Mr Terry Mulder said.

An announcement of the launch was also made by Premier Denis Napthine on twitter.

While the secure bike cage is a wonderful improvement in bicycle parking facilities at Fawkner Station and will allow many local people from Fawkner, Hadfield and surrounding suburbs to combine a short bicycle ride with a commute to the city, it doesn’t resolve the zone issues many public transport users in the north of the Municipality face. Gowrie Station still needs to be included as part of Zone 1 along with some of the local bus routes.

Bicycle Network Victoria runs the operation of the Parkiteer bicyle cage which is operated by an electronic access card after registering at and paying a $50 security deposit. Up to 26 bikes can be accommodated, all undercover.

Moreland council tweeted that the secure bike parking is an opportunity for Gowrie commuters “could save hundreds on fares by cycling to #Fawkner, where there’s now a secure bike cage!”

But not everyone is able to cycle or prepared to ride on the roads with the perceived risk of intimidation by motor vehicle traffic. Many local residents say Gowrie Station should be changed to a Zone 1 station as well as the local bus routes.

The State Government still needs to rationalise the public transport fare zones covering the northern suburbs of Moreland to eliminate the inequity in the transport zone planning for residents making relatively short trips. A secure bike cage is no substitute.

Parkiteer sign on bike cage

Parkiteer sign on bike cage

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