Fawkner Festa 2016


Are you ready to rumba with the Bongo Brothers? Or be mesmerised by the sweet voices of the Moomba Park Primary school choir or Fawkner Community House Choir? Or watch the incredible music of Ustad Khalil Gudaz, a Master sitar player performing traditional Afghani and Indian music. Maybe you just want to do some middle eastern hip hop, or try some circus skills.

Come along for an afternoon of inclusive performance and community entertainment at this year’s Fawkner Festa.

The Fawkner Festa 2016 will take place on Sunday 6 November 2016 at CB Smith Reserve from 12 – 4 pm.

Here is the Fawkner Festa program via Moreland Council website.
You can also download the full program (PDF 4Mb) for more details.

Stage Program

12 pm

The Bongo Brothers
The Bongo Brothers present Percussion Fiesta with Fawkner and Moomba Park Primary Schools.

12.25 pm

Moomba Park Primary School Choir

1 pm

Fawkner Community House Choir

1.25 pm

Ustad Khalil Gudaz
Master sitar player performing traditional Afghani and Indian music.

1.55 pm and 2.45 pm

Outer Urban Projects
Zone 2, Hip Hop Squad and Middle Eastern Vibes

2.20 pm

The Circus Spot Performance Troupe
The youth group take to the stage

3.10 pm

The Ottoman Mehter Band
22 members taking to the stage in a spectacular ensemble performance

3.35 pm

Groove to the Latin rhythm and go from Fawkner to Havana

4 pm (close)

Festa Spotlight
12—4 pm

Home Safe
Presented by artist Aseel Tayal

Take a journey through the stages of the refugee experience, the difficult process of finding safety and the security of attaining a new home. You will be invited to experience the four stages and will receive a stamp upon finishing each one. Once all stages have been completed you will get ‘home safe’.

The Squeaky Wheel
Wheelie Workshop – Learn to ride a bike in a day, get your bike checked or come and decorate your bike to stand out! Checkout all the Squeaky wheel upcoming events

The Circus Spot
The circus comes to you – learn to juggle, hula hoop and more!

Kid’s Cooking Classes presented by Foost
Come along and smell, touch, see, cook and taste with a range of fresh, colourful ingredients. Suitable for kids aged 4–12 years.

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