Moreland Council turning Green – 2016 Council election results


The results are in. Moreland Council is turning more Green. The Greens will have 4 Councillors in the new Council, with Labor aligned Councillors numbering 3, Independents 3, and Socialist Alliance 1.

Congratulations to the successful candidates elected to Moreland Council from North East Ward: Natalie Abboud (Greens), Annalivia Carli Hannan (Labor aligned), Ali Irfanli (Independent from Fawkner), and Sue Bolton (Socialist Alliance). They reflect the diversity of our community and will represent us in the (hopefully) good governance of our local city council.

Sue Bolton established a strong record of regular ward meetings and community engagement and was the only Councillor in NE ward recontesting. She was elected in second place, attracting many second preference votes.

Ali Irfanli campaigned strongly as the only candidate from Fawkner and picked up a large proportion of his vote from the two Fawkner polling booths. He defeated former Councillor (2004-2012) Tony Helou for the last position.

Irfanli will now need to carefully balance the priorities of Fawkner with Coburg and the municipality generally. He will be one of the more conservative voices on Council, but that is not necessarily a bad attribute.

North West ward returned the three Councillors who were recontesting: Oscar Yildiz (Labor Aligned), John Kavanagh (Independent), and Helen Davidson (independent) and they will be joined by Dale Martin (Greens). The last position was a contest between Helen Davidson and former labor aligned South Ward Councillor  Alice Pryor (2004-2012)

In South Ward current Mayor Samantha Ratnam (Greens) was elected with more than 50 percent of the vote with Mark Riley second on the Greens ticket also elected. Lambros Tapinos (Labor aligned) pipped Meghan Hopper for the 3rd position in South Ward.

Last Council (2012-2016) was the first time that Labor aligned members lost a majority on Council. This new election has cemented the Greens on council doubling their numbers from 2 to 4 positions.

Moreland Council model of governance is based on portfolios being allocated to all councillors and there being a collaborative decision making on most issues. So all Councillors are part of governance.

In terms of the gender makeup of Council: the last council 2012-2016 was for the first time a majority of 6 women on the council. This election reverses this to 5 women and 6 men.

Voters wanted to know who they are voting for and are going online to find out what candidates are standing for. In 2012 this site had several hundred site views before the election. In the weeks and days before the 2016 election the Guide to who is standing for North East Ward had over 2,300 site views.

Election results from the VEC website

Full details including voting centre reports and preference distribution reports for each ward from the VEC website.

North East Ward
Successful candidates
ABBOUD, Natalie (1st successful)
BOLTON, Sue (2nd successful)
CARLI HANNAN, Annalivia (3rd successful)
IRFANLI, Ali (4th successful)

Count summary
Enrolment: 45271
Formal Votes: 24934
Informal Votes: 4532 (15.38% of the total votes)
Votes Counted: 29466 (65.09% of the total enrolment)
Quota: 4987

North West Ward
YILDIZ, Oscar (1st successful)
MARTIN, Dale (2nd successful)
KAVANAGH, John (3rd successful)
DAVIDSON, Helen (4th successful)

Count summary
Enrolment: 45205
Formal Votes: 25773
Informal Votes: 3565 (12.15% of the total votes)
Votes Counted: 29338 (64.90% of the total enrolment)
Quota: 5155

South Ward
RATNAM, Samantha (1st successful)
RILEY, Mark (2nd successful)
TAPINOS, Lambros (3rd successful)
Count summary
Enrolment: 35959
Formal Votes: 18260
Informal Votes: 1688 (8.46% of the total votes)
Votes Counted: 19948 (55.47% of the total enrolment)
Quota: 4566

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