Will Broadmeadows SES move to Fawkner?

The Broadmeadows SES unit is currently located on Mahoneys Road, just west of Merri Creek, but it’s lease on this land, although extended, is set to expire in 2019.

One option is for the Broadmeadows SES unit to move down to a new home base next to the Fawkner police station, but it would require a new building and the State Government providing funds for such a move.

SES Broadmeadows to move to Fawkner?

Could this be the new home of the Broadmeadows SES?

Sustainable Fawkner have a couple of small issues we would like to raise:

  • None of the mature trees located between Fawkner Police Station and the Fawkner Cemetery / Fawkner Station entrance road should be removed. These trees are important habitat for birds and small mammals.
  • Secondly, the footpath along Sydney Road is designated a shared use path, so any vehicle crossing would need to consider this existing infrastructure.

For further Details see this story in the Hume Leader, 26 June 2018:

SES unit relocation still under a cloud
Samantha Dick

THE future location of the Broadmeadows SES unit headquarters remains in limbo, despite mounting pressure from volunteers.

The lease for the unit’s present location on Mahoneys Rd, Campbellfield was initially due to run out this month — leaving the unit without a home base — but is believed to have been extended until June 2019.

A vacant block of land between Fawkner police station and Fawkner Memorial Park has been earmarked for the new headquarters, but despite months of deliberation the State Government and Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust are yet to come to an agreement.

Broadmeadows unit operations deputy controller Shane Lapworth said he was concerned about the time it was taking to secure a new location for their headquarters.

“If the lease runs out and the new building isn’t built in time … we could be without a home base or stuck in temporary facilities,” he said.

“There’s about a threemonth window where we could be in trouble.

“We’d have the problem of having to move twice, which is difficult because logistically it’s not easy to move for a volunteer unit.”

Emergency Services Minister James Merlino said the government was dedicated to supporting volunteers and giving them the facilities they deserved to best service the community.

The government allocated $2.8 million for the new unit in last year’s state budget.

One response to “Will Broadmeadows SES move to Fawkner?

  1. Any update on this? The sign has disappeared. Is it still going ahead?

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