Birdwatching along the Merri in May

Sacred Kingfisher at Fawkner

Sacred Kingfisher at Fawkner logged in Nov 2011 birdsurvey

The bird surveys on Merri Creek in May are on soon. How are the birds faring after a long dry summer? Pick a site and come along! The following details are supplied by Friends of Merri Creek.

Sunday, 5 May, 8:45-10:30am

Galgi Ngarrk (Craigieburn Grasslands), Somerton
Edwardes Lake, Reservoir
East Coburg/West Preston/Thornbury
CERES to Moreland Rd, Brunswick East
Kirkdale Reserve-Merri Park, Brunswick East & Northcote
Hall Reserve, Clifton Hill.

And Sunday 12 May, 8:45-10:30am

Coburg Lake
Bababi Djinanang (Jukes Rd Grasslands).
(Note no survey at Bababi Marning (Cooper St Grasslands) this month.)

Beginner-birders are welcome to our surveys, as well as experienced birders.

Bring binoculars if you have them, and closed-in footwear, sun-hat or raingear if necessary, and drinking water.

No dogs, please.

Survey meeting points:

East Coburg (Egan Reserve-Harding St-Strettle Reserve): Meet at the steps at eastern end of The Grove, East Coburg (Melway 30 A3).

Edwardes Lake: Meet at the playground adjacent to Griffiths Street, Reservoir (Melway 18 E5).

CERES to Moreland Road: Meet at the seats on the Merri Path at rear of CERES near Blyth Street, East Brunswick (Melway 30 B7).

Kirkdale Reserve & Merri Park: Meet at the end of Victoria Street, East Brunswick, at barbecue shelter (Melway 30 B8).

Clifton Hill: Meet at the Rotunda in Hall Reserve, The Esplanade, Clifton Hill (Melway 2D D1).

Coburg Lake Reserve: Meet in the car park near Harry Atkinson Centre, Lake Grove, Coburg (Melway 17 H10).

Bababi Djinanang (Jukes Rd Grasslands): Meet on the Merri Path at the end of Jukes Road, Fawkner (Melway 18 A2).

Galgi Ngarrk (Craigieburn Grasslands): Meet at the O’Herns Road gate off Hume Highway, Somerton (Melway 180 E6). Note this survey may not be completed until around 12 noon. Please contact the group leader to register beforehand, and receive important information about Galgi Ngarrk and any last-minute changes: Bridget Gardner: 0417 519 251 or .

Other Merri BirdWatch dates for 2019:

15 September Clifton Hill, Galgi Ngarrk, Edwardes Lake, East Coburg, CERES to Moreland Rd, Kirkdale Reserve-Merri Park, Clifton Hill.

22 September Bababi Marning (Cooper St), Coburg Lake.

17 November Clifton Hill, Galgi Ngarrk, Edwardes Lake, East Coburg, CERES to Moreland Rd, Kirkdale Reserve-Merri Park, Clifton Hill.

24 November Bababi Djinanang (Jukes Rd), Coburg Lake.

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