2022 Federal Election Scorecards

Climate Analytics rating of Major Parties and Teal Independents.

We know you’ll be wanting to compare the major parties for the 2022 Federal Election scheduled for the 21st May. We are collecting 3rd party scorecards that compare different policy aspects of political parties. We are prioritising scorecards for climate, biodiversity and environment. This page will update as the election campaign progresses.

Note: Climate Action Moreland, Neighbours United for Climate Action and Coburg Uniting Church organised a Meet the Candidates climate forum on April 26 at Coburg Uniting Church Community Hall. See the video recording and images from the night. Climate action is listed as the top issue in surveys, including in Wills. Climate Action Moreland has also ranked the parties for Wills and the Victorian Senate for consistency with Paris Agreement 1.5C target. (see below)


  • Climate and Health Alliance scorecard on climate and health
  • Solar Citizens on Renewable Energy and Clean Transport
  • Climate Council on the Coalition Government
  • Climate Action Moreland Ranking of Party climate policies for Wills and Victorian Senate.
  • VoteClimate has released scorecards for the senate and selected Electorates
  • Climate Analytics assesses Parties against Paris Agreement threshold

Aged Care

  • Australian Aged Care Collaboration

Airport Expansion Issues

  • Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance Scorecard

Animal Welfare

  • Animal Alliance
  • Animal Defenders Office (ACT)

Civil Liberties

  • NSW Council for Civil Liberties on Civil Liberties scorecard

Community TV

Channel 31 Melbourne and Channel 44 Adelaide


  • People with Disability Australia

Foreign Policy and Trade

First Nation Issues

  • AnTAR rates the major parties’ policy platforms on First Nations issues…


  • Croakey Health media – Election report card for #AusVotesHealth2022
  • Dietitions Australia scorecard


  • Australian Privacy Foundation Scorecard



  • Australian Unemployed Workers Union Welfare scorecard


  • Women’s Electoral Lobby
  • Australian Gender Equality Council
  • Action Aid’s Global Justice and Women’s Rights


The Climate and Health Alliance have produced this scorecard on Party climate and health policies:

CAHA – Climate and Health Ausvotes scorecard

Solar Citizens party promises and Scorecard. Source.

Solar Citizens Scorecard

The Climate Council did a scorecard list of climate action achievements for the Coalition Government. Only one aspect rated a tick of approval: for transoparency in releasing on time the quarterly Greenhouse Gas Inventory reports. Source.

Climate Action Moreland has done a ranking of parties, both in Wills (9 candidates) and the Victorian Senate (26 party groups) according to comparing each Party climate Policy with consistency to the science and the Paris Agreement 1.5C target. See the blog post: Comparing Party policies on climate against Consistency with Paris Agreement 1.5C Goal in #Willsvotes and Victorian Senate for full analysis.

Here is the Federal electorate of Wills ranking:

And here is the ranking of the 26 Party groups standing for the Victorian Senate:

Vote Climate has released scorecards for selected electorates, and the senate ballots for each state. The Victorian senate scorecards are blow in a long format and a short format. More info here.

Vote One Climate website says they rate candidates not parties. No party names listed against candidates which makes it difficult to assess people against party policies. They have a scorecard assessment for Wills Candidates and have also rated Senate candidates.

Vote Earth Now website has a local scorecard for Wills which uses data from the They Vote for you website on how Federal politicians voted on climate and sustainability legislation, and a survey to candidates. Some candidates didn’t respond to the survey so have a poor score, even if their party has ambituous climate policies. So this methodology can produce an inaccurate scorecard, at least in the case of the Wills electorate.

Climate Analytics is an International climate science and policy analysis NGO. Very rarely do they weigh in on domestic elections. But for Australia’s Federal election they have assessed the major party and the Teal Independents climate policies and targets and assessed whether they meet the Paris Agreement threshold. Read their media release and report (PDF)

Aged Care

Australian Aged Care Collabroation produced this scorecard:

Airport Expansion Issues

Melbourne Airport has a proposal for a 3rd runway that is currently in community consultation, with a campaign group focussed on various issues on noise, pollution and climate emissions. Brisbane Airport has recently expanded runways and flightpaths. Local Brisbane citizens have raised concerns about noise and pollution and produced a scorecard comparing the Liberal National Party, Labor and the Greens around several concerns. Source.

Animal Welfare

The Alliance for Animals has prepared this Party scorecard of the major parties and some of the minor parties.

The Animal Defenders Office have compared the animal policies of the major parties and many of the minor parties and a few of the ‘teal’ independants. Check them out.

Civil Liberties

NSW Civil Liberties Council have compared parties based on preserving civil liberties. Source.

NSW Council for Civil Liberties Scorecard

Community TV

Scorecard to keep Community TV alive in Melbourne and Adelaide


People with Disability Australia issued a two page scorecard (first page shown).

Foreign Policy and Trade

The Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network have produced a scorecard on Trade Justice Policy. Check out their analysis and detail.


Croakey Health media – Election report card for #AusVotesHealth2022 (PDF). Sorry, its a bit too detailed and extensive, but worth reading. Compares the health policies of Coalition, Labor and the Greens, with some analysis of minor parties, Independents, and Teal Independents. Compiled by Associate Professor Lesley Russell.

Public Health election scorecard compares the policies of the Liberals, Labor and Greens with alignment with policies of the Public Health Association Australia (PHAA)

Dietitions Australia issued a scorecard assessing Aged Care, Mental Health, Disabilities and Nutrition Policy.

First Nation issues

ANTaR rates the major parties’ policy platforms on First Nations issues in four broad areas:

  • 1. CLOSING THE GAP – The Federal obligations to the New Agreement on Closing the Gap
  • 2. INJUSTICE AND INCARCERATION – Addressing the injustice of disproportionally high incarceration rates
  • 3. CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM – Including the implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart
  • 4. HERITAGE PROTECTION –  Ensuring the protection of living culture and cultural landscapes

Read the 2022 Election Scorecard (PDF)


Australian Privacy Foundation Scorecard.


Asylum Seeker Resource Centre rating of Liberal, Labor and Greens policies. Take action.


The Australian Unemployed Workers Union Scorecard on welfare. Source.

AUWU – Scorecard for a decent welfare system

Women’s Agenda

Women’s Electoral Lobby Scorecard:

From the Australian Gender Equality Council:

For Global Justice and women’s Rights. Action Aid have produced this scorecard:

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