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Fawkner residents urge upgrade to the #Upfieldline

Sheridan Tate from Coolaroo speaking outside Gowrie Station

Fawkner residents rely on the Upfield train line as the primary public transport link into the city.

Residents and others from up and down the Upfield line attended a rally on Saturday in Bonwick Street to push for more trains, track duplication and upgrade of the Upfield line. See full report (including speeches) at the Upfield Transport Alliance: Duplicate the Upfield Line needs to be a priority says Fawkner Rally.
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A town square for Fawkner?

This Saturday, 7th March, for a couple of weeks a laneway off Bonwick Street will be transformed into a town Square.

This is an opportunity to meet other residents, socialise, sit down and have a coffee, listen to some music, buy some craft items from the suitcase popup market, and more.

But more than anything, the utility of the place is up to you to make it work as a social space.

See you at Fawkner’s own Con Temporary place.

More info see the Con Temporary Place Facebook page.