The Dandelion Patch

20140712-Sus-Fawkner-foodswap-community-gardening04In 2014 members of Sustainable Fawkner have slowly been developing the eastern side of the Fawkner Community House, between the carport and the front fence, as a community garden.

We have made slow but steady progress in setting up garden beds, planting some green vegetables and now some fruit trees.

A noticeboard has been erected under the awning in front of the garage door for Sustainable Fawkner notices, community gardening advice, and related information.

We had several suggested names for our garden and the Dandelion Patch seemed to get the most support.

Come along on our Food Swap Saturdays and help us nurture the garden along.

In August we planted some apple and plum trees


Photos: July 2014 community gardening







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