Extending the Tram through Fawkner – Moreland Council Survey

Sydney Rd Median strip between Major and Lynch Rds

Sydney Rd Median strip between Major and Lynch Rds

Moreland Council have announced a Survey on extending Sydney Road tram through Fawkner. This is gratifying to see, although it is just the first step in a campaign to have the No 19 Sydney Road tram service extended past it’s present Bakers Road, North Coburg terminus.

In November 2014 we argued it was time to Extend Route 19 tram to Fawkner and Campbellfield. There is a strong argument that the tramline should be extended to the Campbellfield shops, and build a public transport interchange linking the tram terminus with the Upfield train line (which also needs upgrading to dual track and electrification to Craigieburn) and east west bus routes along Mahoney’s Rd/Camp Road. (Bus interconnect includes: 902 – Chelsea – Airport West SMARTBUS Service, 530 Campbellfield – Coburg via Fawkner, 531 – Upfield – North Coburg via Somerset Estate, 538 Somerset Estate Broadmeadows via Camp Rd)

This would add substantial amenity to residents in Fawkner and Hadfield in accessing a range of shopping centres, including the Campbellfield shops. It would also add amenity to the various motels along Sydney road in Fawkner, encouraging their patrons to leave their cars parked and travel through Moreland by tram and train.

Extending the tram line along the Sydney Road median strip would involve re-landscaping and possible removal of some established trees between Boundary Road and Anderson Roads. This will need to be approached sensitively, and if trees are removed adequate replacements replanted, including more trees to account for the carbon loss of the established trees removed (it’s not a matter of just doing a substitute planting). A high pressure gas main also uses this reserve.

In addition to the tramline on the median strip, adding a bikepath on the same median strip as far as Anderson Road may also provide part of the solution of safe access for cyclists from Fawkner’s north for accessing the Upfield bike path. Building a tramline extension would be an optimum time to incorporate planning and build for a bikepath next to the tramline on the median strip, similar to St Georges Road.

Fill out the Council Survey, which is open for completion until 27 February 2017, 12:00 AM.

We look forward to working with our North East ward councillors: Sue Bolton, Ali Irfanli, Natalie Abboud, Annalivia Carli Hannan, as well as the other ward councillors on transport issues in the municipality.

5 responses to “Extending the Tram through Fawkner – Moreland Council Survey

  1. I really like the idea of extending the tram line, but for one (big) reason. The big old trees between Boundary Road, past Lorne St, and I think to Major Road are irreplaceable. Native parrots are using those trees to nest as they are old enough to have nesting hollows, and the trees will be supporting a huge amount of biodiversity.

    Big old trees are becoming increasingly rare in Victoria (and Australia) which is concerning because of the amount of life they support and the benefit they provide to the surrounding area. If the tram line can be extended without harming these trees, then I’m in favour. If not, then I’m willing to put up with not having access to the tram.

    (I live near the Fawkner Primary School, so this is a relevant issue to me. Thanks also for the writing you do, I appreciate it.)

  2. Kellie Pantelic

    Great idea 👍👌

  3. They should also have a train stop at campbellfield new station to make it all complete

  4. Great idea. Also extend the 55 tram down Derby and Sussex Streets. The area is really growing and more transport is needed.

  5. I have lived in Fawkner most of my life. The extension of the tramline would be welcomed. I note that the council has mentioned residents having acess to shopping centres and motels. But never mentioned the employees who work in all of the shopping centres and factories along Sydney Road who struggle to get to and from work in congested roads. A safe bike path is also important as more people are choosing bike to work. Trees are important and we can plant more not only to take up carbon but also to make our tramline beautiful that is also important to people’s well being.

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