Upfield line passengers wait until December 18 for resumption of service due to Camp Rd Level Crossing Removal

Train services on the Upfield line have been disrupted since 15th November, from Coburg to Upfield. There is a replacement bus service, but it doesn’t provide the same utility as the train service lacking the facility for mobility scooters and to take bicycles.

Camp Road has also been disrupted, but will be reopened with the new road bridge over the Upfield line at 6:00am Thursday 30 November.

Train passengers have to continue to wait until Monday 18 December for reinstatement of train services, due to continuing track work, overhead electricity cabling.

So far all the pluses of this level crossing removal have been to the advantage of vehicle users of Camp Road.

The State Government refused to take advantage of the level Crossing Removal to also upgrade the single track from Gowrie station to Upfield station to dual track. When this is eventually done (and we still don’t have a timeframe for this work) train passengers will again be disrupted in using the Upfield Line service.

This is another example how the state government prioritises roads funding over public transport. Improvements in public transport are usually piecemeal and disruptive to service. The Dual track extension to Upfield should have been done concurrently with the Level Crossing Removal to reduce disruption to passenger service.

State Government needs to prioritise dual track and electrification extension of Upfield line to Craigieburn and to Wallan with new suburb divisions opening up. A Feasibility study was approved in June 2016.

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