Community owned solar power for Moreland?

Would you like to see community owned renewable energy in Moreland? Climate Action Moreland wants to kick start a community owned solar park in Moreland and you can be involved.

We all know about solar panels on household roofs. Community solar is a bigger version of this, about fifty times bigger, and instead of being owned by the householder the panels are owned co-operatively by community shareholders.

It’s been done before in the City of Ellensburg, Washington. Community owned solar and wind renewable power generation is popular in many regions of Europe. Last year we saw the Hepburn Wind farm launch as Australia’s first community owned and operated wind farm. We can also make it happen here in Moreland.

First Moreland community solar meeting
7pm, Monday 19 March
Edinburgh Castle (Function Room)
Cnr Sydney Road and Albion Streets.

The meeting will explore big picture visions before getting down to some important brass tacks (was that some mixed metaphors?)

Details for more information at Climate Action Moreland

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